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Political Unrest in Sekkisi

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DISTRICT ONE – Rumours have spread that The Board of Directors recently made a vote of no confidence against the current leader of Sekkisi, The Chairman. Such a revelation has never occurred in the Megacorporation’s history and comes as a shock and glimmer of hope to the suppressed people of Sekkisi.

Internal sources state that The Chairman will be expunged within the week, with the current CEO stepping up to be the new Chairman of The Board. The Vice CEO will become the CEO, as per standard conduct.

Many people assume it is the recent situation over gambling that sparked this vote against the current leader, with gambling having been banned and reinstated within a week. It is unclear whether The Board was in favour of gambling or against it, and which party abused it’s power to alter legislation.

Concerns arise on how this will affect Sekkisi’s position on the Sermo Senate.

Sources continue to say that a rumor within The Megacorporation suggests this power struggle will result in a new Corporation forming. Could this finally be the competition that the Megacorporation lacked, and the Opposition Party the people so desperately need?

Only time will tell if a second party would improve the rights of the people within Sekkisi, but it is hard to ignore the timing of this event. As delegates from Frenzland suggest a new resolution that could potentially cripple Sekkisi, not only as a corporation but as a nation, the people hold their breaths at their first sight of hope in decades.

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April 2, 2011 at 7:45 pm

Second attempt at “Seero” Union

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AURA – Prime Minister Cisco Zarandin of Ocasus has proposed to create the Seero Monetary Union for the second time today. In his official statement, he notes that the Seero was not originally for Ocasus, and it was indeed a union between Northern Nations, not including Pharapalac, Blammocratz, or Machiniosa.

The Argument;

Good afternoon gentlemen. After heated talks on the establishment of a common currency, “The Seero”, it has come to my attention, that the previous issue went misunderstood, leading to it’s eventual failing. There has been minconception that the “Seero” was the original currency of Ocasus. When infact, it was the Ocasian Franc. The Seero was established as a monetary union between several Northern Nations (Ocasus, Tornnes, Westmeer, Baclav, and Summland). Now that that has been cleared up, let’s move on.

I, Prime Minister of the founding nation of Ocasus, hereby propose we establish a monetary union in nations that are official members of the Regional Government. We believe that, as leading figures and members of Sermo Government, inter-regional and international trade, travel, and tourism would boost. The “Three T’s” as you will. The improvement of the “Three T’s” will help improve and make things easier, since, it would be as though we are dealing on national levels, and can factor out exchange rates for the majority of things. It would also help out-of-Sermo imports come in to many more countries, and improve products that are prevalent through the region be exported.

Senatorial talks have started and voting on the resolution, which will affect all those living in Senatorial member countries, will begin on Thursday.


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March 21, 2011 at 6:32 am

Citizens of Soalma Ecstatic Over Possible Regional Ban On Landmines

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NUGHA, SOALMA – Soalma legislators are considering designating a national holiday with news that discussion of a region-wide ban on the use of anti-personnel mines has reached the Sermo Senate.

The news comes as bittersweet to some, however. February marked the highest number of deaths from mines left over from the Soalma Civil War in nearly a year. 18 Soalman lives were lost, including one member of an explosive removal team. Teery Ilvahn, coordinator of such teams in the northwestern part of the country, stated the following:

It’s truly unfortunate that millions throughout the world suffer from the use of these weapons. I’ve lost almost thirty good men and women from my bomb-disposal crews alone, and then I have to call their families and inform them of their son’s, their daughter’s, father’s, mother’s, brother’s, sister’s grisly death. I wouldn’t wish such a death on an invader of Soalma, let alone a civilian.

The proposal has met some opposition in the Sermo Senate. Hannibal Satelitos, Majority Leader of the House of the People in Lena-Rutland, claims that it “has no basis on truth and that landmines are not dangerous.” The President of Soalma responded on the floor of the Sermo Senate, saying:

I am somewhat shocked that a nation of Sermo so blindly defends these instruments of not only death, but terrible pain as well. I regret that your Parliament did not see it before, but hopefully if this proposal passes they will wise up….

Frederich Theissman, SBC News

Written by soalma

March 19, 2011 at 6:44 am

Tensions rising on the midwestern shores.

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HEIMDALL – For centuries, peace has overcome the coastal nations of Sermo. Recently though, Nulendbund and Kyzl’s governments have come under fire from the nation inbetween the two, Hippostania. Hipponian have proclaimed that the Northwestern Plateau and Coastal Serenia regions belong to Hippostania by blood right. Arttu Virtahepo, the High Chancellor of Hippostania, has also claimed that for years, the people in the region have been under oppression. Hippostania has pleaded to not think of the annexation as imperialist acts, but, as defense of their high populations in the area. Hippostania believes war is not necessary, but, they must protect their people.

A man waving a Hippostanian flag in the Northwestern Plateau

For years, the Hipponian people have faced opression in the Northwestern Plateau (a part of Nulendbund) and Coastal Serenia (a part of Kyzl). 89% of the people in Northwestern Plateau and 71% of the people in Coastal Serenia are of Hippostanian descent, and they speak the hipponian language. 82% of the people in Northwestern Plateau support the secession, and 69% of the people in Coastal Serenia.
People in these areas are not allowed to use their native language. Hipponian newspapers are forced to close down, Hipponian schools are being closed and people think that the Hipponian people are subhuman. This has to end.
Hippostanian Goverment will not stand idle when the Hipponian people are suffering.

The parliament of Hippostania has decided to publish an ultimatum. We demand that the Federation of Nulendbund and the Democratic Republic of Kyzl accept that these areas have always been Hipponian, and accept the annexation of these areas into the Republic of Hippostania. The representatives of these nations have seven days (until 14.3.2011) to confrim that they have accepted the annexation.
The Hipponian people are peaceful. We do not want war. But we will protect our brothers and sisters on the other side of the artificial border that divides the Hipponian people.

We do not want that the people of Kyzl and Nulendbund see us as ‘conquerors’ or ‘imperialists’. We will promise that the Kyzlian and Nulendbundian people who decide to stay in these areas after the annexation have a full right to use their native language and practice their culture. The Hippostanian Goverment fully supports cultural diversity in these areas, and promises that these cultures can coexist in the Republic of Hippostania.

The Hippostanian Goverment wishes that we can agree on a solution without having to go to war. But as I said, we will protect our brothers and sisters.

Waiting for your response,

Arttu Virtahepo
High Chancellor of Hippostania

Nulendbund and Kyzl have defended themselves with the argument that the claims of oppression are completely false, and that just because a high percentage of Hipponians live in the regions, does not make it Hippostania’s.

Naturally other nations have come to the defense of Kyzl and Nulendbend. Machiniosa and Jeniferia in particular, proclaiming that if any militaristic actions be taken by Hippostania, that they will come to the defense of Kyzl and Nulendbend.

Prime Minister Cisco Zarandin has, expectedly, as is the case with big leader’s opinions of smaller conflicts between possible friends, neutral.

The only statements to come out of Ocasus has been the following;

There shall be no public vote in the Senate on this issue. There must be a diplomatic resolution to the issue that no outsiders, only the three nations involved must all agree on. As the leader of Sermo, it is my job to maintain the sanctity of the region’s peace.

That is all I am willing to say regarding this issue for the time being.

You can expect my more in depth input into the current situation in a few days.

SBC news will surely follow any developments in the topic in the forthcoming days.

Regions in Question

Peter Solberg, SBC News, Heimdall

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March 8, 2011 at 9:35 am

When will the leaders of Sermo take action?

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Kyzl – Many of the less powerful nations have recently started begging the question, when will Sermo’s leaders take action towards some of the extremist states in the region?

The following states have been classified (unofficially) as harsh countries in dire need of reforms.

  • The Armed Republic of BorderWorlds
  • The Rogue Nation of Blammocratz
  • The Massive Genocidal Empire of Jeniferia
  • The Armed Republic of Dirty Banditos

These are also, coincidentally, the only nations without SFC (Sermo Football Confederation) licenses.

    Many of the less influencial nations in the midlands and south of Sermo have raised security concerns towards the existence of such places in the region.

    As a Senator from Eschbeen claims

    There is no room for such nations and corruption in Sermo. Surely the fact that these nations aren’t exactly tiny in size, they will impose threats on their many neighbors, including us in Eschbeen.

    So, time can only tell then, when will Prime Minister Cisco Zarandin and WA Delegate Chris Hermansson finally take action?

    Karl Stockton, SBC News, Kyzl

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    March 5, 2011 at 8:42 am

    Taxes too high?

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    AURA – A recent economic report has shown that nearly half of all the nations in Sermo have income tax rates over a staggering 40%. People are starting to question these governments methods.

    A man claiming to live in the Heartlands of Avinistratus has recently sent an anonymous message to SBC proclaiming the following;

    This is an outrage! All of my money, all of it goes to the government! What do they spend it on even? Surely they say it will all come back to us! The people! I have four children, my wife is terminally ill, and I have literally just enough money to buy meals for three people. My insurance can’t even cover my sweet wife. It’s horrible. Something must be done for the working class in this society. It is an outrage to the furthest extent! There aren’t even proper welfare programs! How do they expect me to live? Hopefully we can leave the heartlands soon for Gerschbir, for places more sane when it comes to working class conditions.

    Claims like these coming out of nations like Brunii, Avinistratus, and Frenzland are leaving people to wonder. When will the other nations take action? When will we help reform these countries working class conditions?

    No official statements on the topic have been made from any nation in the region.

    Resources: NSE Economic Reports, Regional Government Complex, Aura

    Tony Stonem, SBC News, Aura

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    March 3, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Voting on SS#001 starts.

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    SENATORIAL CHAMBERS – Voting on SS#001 “Establish Monetary Union of the Seero through Sermo” has started in the Senate today. The voting period will last 24 hours. If enacted the bill means all nations in Sermo will start adopting the “Seero” as their standard form of currency.

    The debate has been controversial amongst nations, and specifically unfavored by more right winged political figures.

    SBC News will have all the coverage tomorrow for the final tally of votes, and what it could, or could not mean for the region.


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    March 3, 2011 at 12:25 am